Office Automation    

Office Automation

Tired of repetitive data or file manipulation tasks which seem take more and more of your time each day? Perhaps you have grown to hate the daily sequence of spreadsheet cut-and-paste procedures, or one of your weekly reports now requires so much manual work to pull together all the pieces that it has become a monthly report. Or maybe you are thinking that there must be a way to eliminate the hand-generated email responses to your customer inquiries. We can help you find a way to make these redundant, error-prone activities part of an automated process.

Let Your Computer Take Care Of It

Most office desktops and servers are grossly underutilized, especially after business hours. And many of the repetitive tasks which you or your employees face each day can be automated. Contact us today to find out how ASTA might be able to help you convert your manual tasks to automated functions:
  • MS Word, Excel, and Access application integration and programming
  • Functional scripting and batching
  • Development of applications for file and data manipulation, application and data integration