Application and Data Integration

Today, most companies are forced to manage information which flows to and from a variety of distinct software applications and databases. The data flow is not limited to applications residing within the confines of your own office: there are supplier, vendor, and customer sources to consider, as well as email and remote web databases. For obvious reasons of economy, efficiency, and accuracy, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to do what they can to tie together the information from these various sources.

Bringing It All Together

Whether it is a customer's billing address captured on a web page or notification from a supplier that your order is ready to ship, your business relies on the timely, accurate processing of data. Efficient integration of data from multiple sources can mean the difference between a lost order and a sale. But integration can by tricky. You must consider the format of the data, the content (the actual value, such a dollar amount, a status code, or a phone number) and the context (what the value means, and how it relates to everything else around it). Whether your data sources are remote or local, we can help you bring it all together by:

  • Defining appropriate data formats for integration and data passing (for example, using XML)
  • Defining data content and context
  • Working with your partner companies to define formatting and processing requirements
  • Creating automated processes for passing data in a timely, controlled fashion
  • Establishing routines and procedures for database-to-database integration
  • Implementing applications for processing web and email-based data
  • Database design and development