Web Site Design and Development    

Web Site Design and Internet Application Developement

Your web site is a critical, highly visible component of your business. For many companies, a web site represents much more than a flashy brochure: there are a wide range of data-intensive possibilities which can give a site a truly unique value, and can result in an increase in business or dramatically improved customer satisfaction. Whether you are considering a new web site, or thinking about rebuilding your existing site, if your plans call for making web-based data capture and processing part of the equation, we can help.

The New Expectations

Many web-savvy customers today have grown to expect a high level of customer service from the web sites of those with whom they choose to do business. Customers expect to not only be able to purchase your products on-line, they want to be able to track their order, process returns, and manage their account.

And your own expectations should be high, too. You want to be able to leverage each previously captured order or contact into a future sale. Let us help you to build a data-centric web site which satisfies these expectations.

Your Web Site

We can help you put together a web site which matches your specific requirements, including:
  • Layout, design, presentation, flow, control
  • Mission, message, and descriptive verbiage
  • Color and themes
  • Development of graphics, digital photography
  • Data capture and presentation, back-end data integration
  • Web hosting company review and selection (ASTA does not currently provide web hosting services)
  • Support for shopping cart functions and order processing